Step into your greatness and attract the woman of your dreams.

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Hi, my name is John.

I remember when I was single, depressed and lonely. I couldn’t understand women for the life of me. I was a nice guy, but I couldn’t get a girlfriend.

I would go on a few dates, only for her to become uninterested and un-attracted to me, leaving me feeling like shit.

Before that, I was too shy and unconfident to even start a conversation

It took me years of one painful experience after another to get to where I am now. Now I’m here to help you.


I remember lying in bed thinking I’d give away all my money just to be cuddled up next to the woman of my dreams.

I was so fucking lonely. 

The truth is that I was completely disconnected from myself. I didn’t understand my own emotions. In fact, being a professional poker player at the time, I had learned to completely suppress them.

I had lost my passion for life, and trust me, women can sense that. 

I didn’t know how to be in my body either. Many men don’t even know what that means, and that’s no worries. We didn’t learn this stuff in school.

The secret to relating to women is first to be able to connect to your own body and emotions. Women want a man who is emotionally available. She needs it or she will completely shut down.

She also needs a man who is driven by his work and passionately in love with life itself.

Going through my program will take you there. You will remember your fire and you will connect to yourself.


If these are your problems, I can help.

  • In general you are not attracting the kind of relationship you want.
  • You find it hard to meet women.
  • You don’t know how to approach woman you like.
  • You have female friends, but no girlfriend.
  • You're too often in the friend zone.
  • You’re not confident with women.
  • You get nervous or shy in social situations.
  • You don’t understand women.
  • You don’t know how to communicate with women.
  • Women confuse the absolute shit out of you.
  • You could be better at flirting

Doing my program is not about tips and tricks. This about you stepping into your greatness.


Your whole life is going to change when you make this commitment.

This is so much more than dating coaching. This is about reigniting your joy for life and stepping into your power as a man.

I'm going help you show up for life so you can show up for a woman.


Develop as a man so you can show up for a woman.


There was a time in my life when I was socially retarded.

I’m talking completely unaware of social dynamics. I had to throw myself into a lot of uncomfortable situation to figure it out. As human being we are social creatures, and women want to align with men who are socially well adapted.

So wherever you’re at with you social skills, going through my program will get you to a higher level of understanding. This isn’t some kind of manipulative bullshit. This is about how to genuinely and kindly relate to other people. It’s something that has been mostly lost in our society.

Before I learned this stuff, I used to stand in the corner pounding beers all night just to work up the confidence to say one dumb thing to the pretty girl.

So I know how you’re feeling if you get nervous around women you like. Maybe you start talking fast, or you say something stupid. Maybe you clam up and can’t speak at all. Don’t worry, we’ll work on that.

But maybe you are pretty confident, you’ve got it together for the most part, but you still don’t seem to be dating the woman you want. That might be because you’re settling for less than you know you deserve. And lets be real, what you deserve is someone as awesome as you. You’re a cool guy and you genuinely want to be in a loving relationship. So I’m here to help.

It could also be about self awareness. You might be behaving in ways that are turning women off that you might not even be aware of. Part of my purpose as your coach is to get you to look at yourself. It might even be uncomfortable, but on the other side of self reflection is you standing in your power.

Reconnect to the feminine.


At a certain point in this journey I identified the biggest reason I had trouble relating to women. I didn’t have any female friends! I only interacted with women I was trying to sleep with. This is part of the reason I was disconnected from the feminine.

Everything changed when I took a job at a Yoga studio. I was constantly surrounded by women. Before that, and for most of my life, I had objectified women. Most men do to some degree wether they are aware of it or not. It’s simply a result of the messed up culture we are raised in.

So by being at this Yoga studio all the time I developed a deeper understanding of the feminine. Now most of my friends are women. So if you’re having a problem connecting with women, I can help you. You likely have some key beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. I can help you quickly shift these so you can connect with women on a deeper level.


Package Details

12 Life Coaching Programfor Single Men

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching calls. We’ll explore what is blocking you from being in the relationship you want. We’ll talk about where you’re at in life and where you want to go. This is about you being the man you came on this earth to be. This is about owning up to your greatness. I will help you reflect on yourself so you can more fully step into your power.
  • Weekly Yoga instruction and guidance. If you want to do this program, you must commit to a personal Yoga practice. Yoga helps you to create a connection with your own body. If you can’t connect with yourself, you sure as hell can’t do it with a woman. I will create a personalized practice for you that will easily fit into your daily life. This is something you can do for 10 minutes a day in your house and see a massive positive impact.
  • Optional free bonus: Health assessment and action plan. If you want an amazing women, you need to be sure your vibrantly healthy.


I want to invite you to a free coaching call!

We will talk about your current challenges and I will help you shift a few key beliefs that are holding you back.