Increase your productivity so you can accomplish your goals and feel awesome.

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Hi there!

My name is John and I will be your teacher for the Epic Productivity Masterclass!

Someone once said, "To know and not to do is not to know."

I find this to be true with productivity.

It seems like many people know a lot of techniques to increase their productivity, but are not applying the knowledge.

That's why I created this training.

I don't want you to be frustrated any longer at the end of the week when it seems you fell short of your goals once again. 

I remember when I was completely clueless about the process of achieving my goals.

I always felt overwhelmed by huge task lists.

It seemed like I was doing a lot, but nothing was actually getting done.


I was suffering from the busy idiot syndrome! 

I was confusing activity with accomplishment and I see the same thing happening to people all the time.

Then at other times I was massively procrasrinating my most important tasks.

Once I learned and applied a few key techniques my productivity went through the roof. 

I started managing my priorities so instead of doing a lot of things each day, I was doing the most important things first.

The truth is that at any given moment you fall into one of two categories when it comes to not being as productive as you could. 

One group is stressed out and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, struggling to find time to accomplish everything. 

The other group procrastinates and struggles to get motivated to accomplish their goals.

Neither of these groups are maximizing their productivity potential. 

This training designed to get you to form new habits that will actually work.

This is the key to unlocking all of your dreams!

The more you do each day, the more results you see over months and years.

The secrets to productivity are not complicated yet few people apply them.

The Benefits of Increased Productivity

Get more done in one day than you could ever imagine.

Make more money with your increase in output.

Feel better about yourself.

Accomplish any goal you put your mind to.

Fully maximize your creative potential by knowing the steps to create anything.

What's included in the package?

  • 90 minute over the phone or in person productivity training.
  • Training on how to organize tasks, priorities and goals.
  • Step by step process for creating powerful goals.
  • How to create a morning routine that actually works to set you up for a productive day.
  • How to manage distractions so you can actually focus.
  • Getting to the root of why you are not as productive as you want to be.
  • Email support for any follow up questions on the training. 

PLUS I will keep you accountable to your new habits for 30 days after you take the class.

That means at the beginning and end of every week you will fill out your goals and tasks and document what you achieved in the previous week.

This follow up procedure is designed so you will actually develop the habit of being productive after the 30 days.

Epic Productivity Masterclass

One time payment of $147

"The most productive thing you can ever do is become more productive."

–John Miller

Your Epic Productivity Masterclass Teacher

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