WVP Ep 6: How You can Become a Fat-burning Machine and Boost Your Energy Levels

A major reason that so many of us struggle to maintain a healthy weight, have sustainable energy throughout the day and feel our best, is that our bodie’s have become sugar-burning machines instead of fat-burning machines.

There is a colossal myth floating around that our bodies require carbohydrates and sugars–both converted to glucose once inside the body–for energy. From a biological perspective, the body's requirement for dietary derived glucose–which is in fact only needed by the brain–is absolutely zero because our livers can manufacture glucose. The body is able to gain all of the energy that it needs by metabolizing fats–and to a lesser extent proteins–into energy. These different processes of energy conversion between carbs, fats and proteins are called metabolic pathways.

Over time when we consume a diet primarily composed of sugars and carbs we can begin to rely on glucose metabolism for energy. This can lead to a number of problems including becoming resistant to important hormones that regulate blood sugar and hunger, and possibly even losing our ability to burn excess body fat at all.

Our diet dictates how our body will predominantly manufacture energy and most of us have probably chosen glucose metabolism. By switching to foods that are high in healthy fats–and potentially incorporating eating strategies such as intermittent fasting–we can actually retrain our bodies to be fat burning powerhouses, giving us longer lasting, more predictable energy levels and allowing us to shed unwanted pounds effortlessly.