WVP Ep 10: Reconnecting To Ourselves Through Nature and Sound With Guest Kirsty Ka

Join me for this interview with Kirsty Ka! (21 minutes)

Kirsty works with the natural healing energies of nature. She guides journeys deep into the jungles of Bali and allows people to reconnect to the wild. She incorporates song, sound and mantra to help people reconnect with themselves.

Kirsty was first touched by the Dayak Indigenous tribes of Borneo and later studied and began working with Aboriginal Australian elders. She has learned from Native American and Peruvian wisdom and ceremonies as well as doing solo vision fasts in nature.

Kirsty uplifts people and the collective through ‘visioning’ in nature, ceremony and the embodiment of song, movement and self-expression.

She is an amazing woman full of wisdom and I’m so excited to have had her on The Welcome Vitality Podcast!

Enjoy the show :)

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