Shady Olive oil Companies Exposed: Are you Using Rancid oil?

I open my suitcase and see a shattered glass bottle and precious liquid gold soaking my clothing. I had traveled across the country that day, having packed a bottle of my favorite olive oil because I wanted to prepare a special meal for my family. I was honestly heartbroken when I realized that I had carelessly forgotten to wrap the bottle in bubble wrap.

Around this time I had just started learning to cook and my friends would always compliment me on the meals I would prepare. Its funny because I seriously believe that the olive oil I was using had almost everything to do with those words of praise. I would put it on everything.

Many people are not aware of the shady practices that are rampant in the olive oil industry. This might sound a little silly, so let me explain. Think about cocaine dealers on the street who cut their product with other white powders like baking soda to boost their profit margins. The same thing happens with olive oil. There is a major lack of rigorous testing on olive oil and the claims companies make about their products can be totally untrue. Many companies ‘cut’ their olive oil by adding cheaper quality oils such as soybean oil, and consumers usually never know the difference.

There are major health benefits to consuming olive oil on a regular basis and I am absolutely not exaggerating when I refer to this stuff as liquid gold. Olive oil is high in healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids, which support heart and brain health. Good quality oil is also a powerful anti-oxidant because of a substances in the oil called polyphenols.

The average person who has never tasted real, cold pressed, extra virgin olive old made the traditional, no nonsense way, is probably reading this and thinking that I’m being ridiculous. How can any olive oil be so much different from what we find at the store?

On top of many companies cutting their product with cheap substitutes like soybean oil, most olive oil on the market has a high probability of being rancid. Many Americans are not able to recognize rancid olive oil simply because they are used to the rancid taste. If olive oil tastes like crayons or putty and has a greasy feel, it is likely rancid. Another indicator of poor quality oil is a swampy smell akin to sweaty socks and this is evidence that the oil has undergone fermentation. 

Knowing that many brands out there are poor quality, and wanting to include olive oil in my diet because of the many health benefits, I sought out the best quality olive oil on the market. Oliflix is a Spanish brand created by Antonio who produces his olive oil the old fashioned way. Antonio has been perfecting the art of olive oil production since he was five years old. He is passionate about his craft, as is evidenced by the incredible measures that he goes to.

Here's What Goes Into Producing the Best Quality Olive oil on the Market Today.

Let’s start with the olive trees that Antonio tends to. Each tree is between 300 and 500 years old and like a fine wine, the older the olive tree, the better the olives taste. The trees are watered exclusively by rainwater and are never treated with pesticides, herbicides or any other kind of chemical.

When it’s time to pick the olives Antonio doesn’t go the commercial route, which employs machines that violently shake the olive trees. Every olive is hand picked, ensuring longevity of the trees and preventing bruising to the olives themselves. To produce top notch oil it’s very important to press the olives as soon as possible, which is why pressing always occurs within 24 hours of picking in Antonio's operation. When the olives sit longer than this they are exposed to oxidation, which leads to unwanted fermentation.

The pressing process itself is the most unique aspect of the whole production. Antonio uses truly old world stone presses. These granite stones, which have been in use for 60 years, are employed to press the olives in the same way that olive oil was pressed for thousands of years before the invention of the stainless steel hydraulic press. This natural process guarantees that the oil is never heated over 80 degrees fahrenheit, keeping all of the enzymes intact, and making it truly cold pressed. Any heating over 110 degrees destroys enzymes and drastically reduces the health benefits of the oil.

Additionally, Oliflix is derived from only the first pressing of the olives, meaning it is truly extra virgin. Many other brands press their olives two, three or even four times, which does not produce truly extra virgin olive oil. Other brands also typically crush the olives after they have been pitted. Antonio does not subscribe to this practice–always crushing his olives with the pits intact–because the pits contain high concentrations of nutrients.

As the olives are crushed the oil drains into tanks and this is the beginning of the filtration process. Sediment sinks to the bottom of the tank and the purified olive oil is then transferred to a different tank to repeat the process. This is done eight times.

Once the oil is completely filtered it is transferred into underground tile storage tanks. This is completely different from how most olive oil is usually stored as metal storage tanks are normally used, which can potentially degrade and contaminate the oil. Oliflix is stored in these pristine underground tanks until being bottled and shipped outside of Spain.

This whole process is not cost effective at all and is why hardly anyone else is making olive oil this way. There are so many cheaper shortcuts out there that companies can use to increase their margins, but Antonio doesn’t care about that. He simply wants to produce the most nutrient dense and best tasting olive oil that he can.

Olive oil should be a staple in the diet of anyone interested in eating healthy and serves as the perfect salad dressing, especially when combined with apple cider vinegar. It's no wonder that any kind of food–especially bread–undergoes a taste explosion with the addition of Oliflix, considering how well it's made. Based on my research Oliflix is the highest quality olive oil on the market today and amazingly it isn’t even the most expensive. Because of the meticulous production process, there are a limited amount of bottles shipped to the United States every year. Oliflix frequently sells out for this reason so don’t hesitate to stock up on it today!

Check out this video showcasing the production process of Oliflix.