Surprising Reasons to add Salt to our Drinking Water

The famous quote, “Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”, comes from a man surrounding by salt water.

So if we can’t drink salt water, then why the heck would we put salt in our water?!

When I first began to change my lifestyle--including everything I was eating and drinking--I switched to distilled water.

I was thinking that since distilled water is the most highly filtered water it is the best water to drink.

It is a good thing that distilled water does not contain any toxins like we see in tap water or bottled water, but that doesn’t make it healthy for our bodies.

The detrimental effect of low-mineral  content water on the body.

Water has a tendency to absorb minerals.

Think of water like a big party bus on a college campus and think of minerals like students looking for an awesome free party.

Everywhere the bus goes, more and more students keep hoping on the bus. Water operates in the same way.

When water is void of minerals, as is the case with distilled water for example, it will attract and absorb minerals like a magnet.

This can been seen in nature as rainwater sinks down into the ground.

The water absorbs minerals from the soil as it flows through underground waterways, and eventually rises to the surface as mineral rich, natural spring water. [1]

The reason this is important is that “mineral hungry water” will absorb minerals when inside our bodies.

Low mineral content water will move through the body, picking up minerals along the way, and eventually cause those vital minerals to be eliminated from the body. Our body needs these minerals to properly function! [2]

Most bottled waters will cause our body to leach minerals in this way because many brands of bottled water have a relatively low mineral content, even many of the ones with “mineral water” on the label. [3]

The simple reason most bottled waters are low in minerals is that it is very expensive to add minerals back into the water for the water companies.

Since most people aren’t taking a measuring device and checking, water companies keep producing low quality water void of vital minerals.

There are a few really good brands out there with adequate mineral saturation two of which are “Mountain Valley Spring Water” and “Gerolsteiner Mineral Water”, the latter of which is a naturally carbonated water.

How to remineralize water using salt very easily.

If access to either of these brands is limited or if they are too expensive, there is a simple solution.

Take highly filtered water --such as distilled water or reverse osmosis treated water--and add a few pinches of salt.

That’s all that needs to be done to remineralize the water!

By doing this we know that there are no toxins in the water because both of these processes remove absolutely everything other than pure H20, and we also know for sure that the water rich in minerals.

Because distilled and reverse osmosis water are void of minerals they will immediately absorb the minerals from the salt.

The type of salt we use to do this is the key.

Table salt (NaCl), will not work because it only contains two elements, Sodium and Chlorine.

We need something with a higher diversity of minerals, otherwise the water will still try to leach minerals from our body.

The most widely available and easily accessible salt for most people is called “Himalayan Pink Salt”.

Adding one pinch of this type of salt per gallon of water will remineralized the water.

There is no mixing required as the salt will naturally dissolve into the water.

An even better option, although this brand is a little harder to find, is called “Celtic Sea Salt”.

It has been proven to contain a high amount of different minerals compared to most other brands.

Be careful about using generic “sea salt” as many brands of sea salt contain dangerous “food additives” such as anti-caking agents, to prevent the salt from “clumping” together.

If the salt is completely white in color this is usually, but not always, a red flag that it is low in mineral content.

These amazing salts can also be used to add dynamic flavors to food as well!

Minerals nourish the body.

When I first found out about water’s need to absorb minerals I felt very alarmed because at that point I had been drinking exclusively distilled water!

I thought that distilled water was actually the best quality water because it was the most highly filtered.

I became really worried that I had done serious harm to my body at this point.

Upon doing more research I learned that drinking all of that distilled water probably did cause my body to leach a lot of vital minerals, but it wasn’t as if I had done irreversible damage.

The human body is an incredibly intelligent organism simultaneously regulating our heartbeat, blood pressure and digestion, just to mention of few of the biological processes which are constantly occurring.

When given the proper raw materials and placed in the right environment, the intelligence of the body knows exactly how to heal itself.

All we have to do is give it the right tools to do the job like lots of beneficial minerals.

The point is that many health conditions, potentially created by mineral deficiency, are reversible when the whole organism is being nourished and properly cared for.

The body will be really grateful for being given mineral rich water.

The water will not taste like salt, in fact most people report that the water tastes much better and even quenches their thirst more than standard bottled water.

I know for sure that this was my experience!

For anyone interested in achieving true health and vitality, drinking mineral rich water exclusively is an absolute necessity.

It can be a fun process to “make water” in this way.

It can strengthen our relationship with the very substance that comprises roughly 70% of our physical structure, and without which, we would not survive for more than a few days.

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