Become Empowered by Making These 3 Simple Lists to Find Your Purpose

Our purpose in life comes from our passions.

We must move towards our passions, or like a leaf that does not move into the sunshine, we will wither away and die.

Emotion is directly connected to our passions.

The things that make us feel joyful and excited are the things we need to move toward.

We need to do the things that warp time, making a whole day fly by without a thought.

These are the experiences that we are meant to have more of.

These are the things that matter and give our lives meaning.

Without purpose life can seem pointless.

Here’s how you can figure out what your purpose is.

Make these three lists.

A list of things you love doing.

Even if it seems like this couldn’t possibly be connected to your purpose, write it down anyway.

A list of things you think you might love doing.

Be creative and don’t leave things out even if you think they might be weird or you would never really try them.

A list of regular activities you don’t love doing.

Be detailed and specific here. Reflect on things that drain your energy, waste your time or are not inspiring to you.

Make notes for each list.

For the lists of things you love doing or might love doing, brainstorm on how you could do those things more often.

Even if it means doing one of those things for five more minutes each week, figure out how you can move in that direction.

Do the same thing for the list of things you don’t love.

How could you spend a little bit less of your time and attention on those things?

Our purpose arises naturally. 

These type of changes do not happen instantly.

The point is to begin moving in the directions of things that inspire us.

By doing this we begin to understand whatever our highest calling is.

When we become more in alignment with that which excites and inspires us, we allow life to express itself through us.

This is what life wants to do!

We often don't have the vision to see our purpose, so we need to use the compass of our emotions to guide us.

No matter what we are passionate about, there is a way to make money doing it.

Figure out a way to create a product or service that allows you to do something you like.

Once you figure out how to sell it, you no longer need to work at a job that does not inspire you.

You are officially empowered.