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Hi, my name is John.

When I first started out in online marketing I was technologically illiterate, so I know what it's like to feel clueless about this stuff.

I also know how frustrating it can be to know you have a powerful message to share, but not know how to get it out there in a big way. I can recall posting my first videos to Facebook and feeling so anxious and nervous!

I also remember when I had the complete wrong attitude and mindset about business. Once I was able to shift that, everything else started to fall into place. I'm here to help you share your work and be seen so you can help a lot of people!

There are proven strategies in online marketing that can help you take your business to the next level.

I'm here to help!



Are you having any of these challenges?

  • You're ready to take your online business to the next level, but lack the technical know how.
  • You feel like you have something powerful to share, but just don’t know how to get it out there in a big way on social media.
  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the thought of growing your business.
  • There's a part of you which has doubts about how amazing and valuable your work is.
  • You're finding yourself making excuses to stay safe and comfortable.
  • You are afraid or nervous to put yourself out there, especially on video.
  • You have a great product that's already selling, but don't know how to scale it.

You don't need to struggle with these things any longer.

You have something powerful to share with the world. You know it in your heart. You've been thinking about putting yourself out there in a bigger way for awhile now, but your mind has been giving you excuses.

We all struggle with this at times. But this is a big deal. Your work needs to be shared. Think of all the people who you're going to help. Are you really going to wait one more day to do this? Now is the time to take back your power, fulfill your true purpose, and thrive.


Implementing the proper strategies for your online business is only half of the equation.


Often times we have mindset blocks that hold us back from success.

I have helped people just like you to identify limiting beliefs that were holding them back from getting to the next level. I know your work is not just a business to you, it's your life. I hold a powerful space so you can go through the transformation you are ready for.

Often the thing stopping you from business growth isn't about your business at all. Together we will explore other aspects of your life which might be blocking you from reaching your goals.

Having the right mindset and attitude is key.

You become what you think about most of the time. It might seem obvious to focus your mind on positive things, but most people do not do this. Most people actually tend to focus on what they don't want.

There are so many little tricks to shifting your mindset so that you are feeling good. If your mindset is off–if you have a poor attitude–it doesn't matter how cool your website is. You will not be successful. Mindset comes first, and everything falls into place after that.


The truth is, you don’t need to add anything more to yourself.


There is no need for another course, retreat or certification. You are ready to share your gifts far and wide right now.

Just because there are 100 or 1000 or 10,000 other people doing the same thing as you, does not mean your work is not needed. You are a teacher and in this business, there is no such thing as competition.

People want to learn what you know because they resonate with your energy. It doesn't matter if you are saying the exact same words as someone else, because people want to hear it from you.

You know the world needs this. Don’t wait one more day. Think of all of the people you are going to help once you put yourself out there.


My Journey on the Path of Business.


At 24 I was making six figures and living by the beach in Los Angeles, but I wasn’t happy.

My career was making my lifestyle toxic, so I walked away from it. I started an online marketing business selling sunglasses. Despite graduating from business school, I did not have a clue what I was doing.

I made so many mistakes it wasn’t even funny, from hiring the wrong people, to wasting money on advertisements. It was a painful process.

I wish I would have had a business mentor because I would have saved so much time, money and energy.

Then I did meet my first business mentor, and everything changed. It wasn’t even so much about strategy, although that helped too, it was more about the mindset. I was able to shift some key beliefs I had around money. I was beginning to believe that there was something wrong with making money. Now I see that profitable businesses with a strong morale compass can have a massive positive impact.

I also realized I wasn't passionate about what I was doing. So I started saying no to a lot of opportunities. I realized if I wasn't being in service to the world in the highest expression of my gifts, there was no point in doing what I was doing. Now I know my mission is to empower people through knowledge and it feels good to have that purpose.

So don’t be like me when I was struggling on my own!

You don't know what you don't know, and I learned that the hard way. You don’t have to slug along with your business because it can be simple and easy. There are proven strategies that you can implement to have success in the online world.

I spent years studying this world of digital marketing and applying it to my own businesses. This body of knowledge is what is needed to get your work out there to more people.

I am here to support you through the transformative process of putting yourself out there in a much bigger way. This is about you embodying the highest expression of yourself. This is about sharing your work with all of the people who need it.


Client Testimonail With Ann Marie Paul


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Ann Marie had an online business that was making $3k a month. She was comfortably living the digital nomad life in Asia, but she knew she was ready to go to the next level. I helped her restructure her business model and launch her new platform AnnMariePaul.Love

After working with me for only a few months her whole life changed. I helped her put herself out there in a way she never thought she could. She was afraid of what her friends and family might think of her work, but once she overcame this fear, her business went to the next level. Now she has more than doubled her monthly income!


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  • Online Course Creation and Marketing
  • Funnel Strategy and Implementation
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